Why Do Yoga?

There are many benefits to doing yoga and they are layered and interconnected. Put simply:

It helps us live more easefully. 

We live in this body. It’s with us all our lives. The sooner we get to know it well, accept it for what it is and spend a little time maintaining and caring for it the more it will repay us as the years go on and the more comfortable our physical experience becomes.

This is not about twisting into a pretzel – though go ahead if that’s your thing. It’s about using breath and movement to release tension, build balance skills, strength and flexibility to support us in our everyday life. 

And it’s not just about the body… 

Our minds and hearts also need caring for. Many people report feeling stressed and anxious. All of us can struggle at times with fear or sadness, anger and regret. Sometimes those emotions and thinking patterns feel like they can overwhelm us.

By slowing down and using yoga techniques we can start to observe the way our minds help and hinder us. With kindness, we can notice our patterns and begin to develop ways to manage our thoughts and feelings.

We clean our houses and service our cars…. Let’s look after the body we live in!